Stainless steel bathtub with adjustable height

With a height adjustable stainless steel bathtub, you get something that's necessary in hospitals and elderly homes to ensure the safety of both caretakers and patients involved. It's especially important in burn treatment which this kind of bathtubs are designed for. Of course, it's more than just the material that makes stainless steel bathtubs different from ordinary ones. 

They have functions and design choices that helps make them optimal for treatment of burn victims, such as the ability to adjust height, a cleaning system and a thermometer with an autofill function. The stainless steel bathtub also reduces risk of injury and accidents happening while the caretaker help and clean the patient. Hygiene is an important part of patient recovery, regardless if it's for burn treatment or anything else.

Naturally it's important that what you get holds a high quality and standard to ensure that the stainless steel bathtub is worth the investment.

Purchasing equipment​

As to where should one purchase a stainless steel bathtub. The best bet would be TR Equipment who focuses on delivering products that are designed for patient hygiene and safety. Besides bathtubs TR Equipment also make shower chairs, patient lifts and trolleys with great functionality and low cost of ownership. 

​Their products are easy to operate and use as well as being built to last. There are many reasons to get such equipment, one of them of course being that it minimizes the risk of caretakers needing to take time off due to stress and injuries caused by heavy lifting and strain.